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Taketoshi ITO's First Ever Solo Exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere - "EXQUISITENESS"

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Taketoshi ITO's First Ever Solo Exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere - "EXQUISITENESS"

We're totally thrilled and excited to have introduced and exhibited the exquisitely hand-carved ceramic art pieces by internationally renowned Japanese ceramic artist Taketoshi Ito from 19th April (Fri) to 28th April (Sun) 2024. This special and exclusive exhibition was the first show for Ito and his masterpieces being showcased in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere! Previously, his art pieces were only able to be viewed and exhibited in private art galleries and museums in Japan, Taiwan, France, etc.



Ito is famous for the delicate and amazing details that are hand-carved with exceptional skills and manual techniques. Every single piece of his art is 100% handcrafted by his hands, with his self-developed hand-carving techniques. By observing the forms of Ito's works from different angles, it's fascinating to discover how meticulous the designs of the patterns and the distance between each single element are. It's also a marvellous feature to notice that Ito pays a lot of attention at designing and creating shadows reflected by natural lights and indoor lightings. It's not hard to imagine how much time and work that Ito has put into creating his masterpieces. Salute!




You can see more of Ito's masterpieces on his Instagram account: @take_to_shi


You can also see more of the highlights of this exhibition on our Instagram account: @kurashi_crafts



Biography of Taketoshi Ito

  • Japanese ceramic artist hailing from Mashiko, Japan, born in 1981 in Saitama, Japan.
  • Initially pursued studies in Architecture and Environmental Construction Engineering at university, but dropped out in 2002 to delve into ceramics.
  • Spent four years honing techniques independently while apprenticing at a pottery studio before branching out as an independent artist.
  • Over the span of a decade, refined his hand-carving skills while continually seeking his ideal artistic expression, characterized by discipline and high self-expectations.
  • Ito's creations reflect his emotional responses to various stimuli, such as art, architecture, music, cuisine, and nature, with a particular fascination for themes of spirituality and mortality.
  • Inspired by European architecture observed during a trip to Venice, he experimented with numerous clay types upon returning to Japan, settling on translucent white porcelain as his primary medium.
  • Through relentless practice, mastered hand-carving techniques, enabling him to craft intricate pieces deemed almost impossible to achieve by hand.
  • Admirers marvel at Ito's ability to fire delicate works without deformation, a skill honed through meticulous trial and error, sometimes employing structural principles akin to Gaudi's architecture to maintain form during firing.
  • His sole motivation for exhibitions remains simple yet profound: expressing gratitude to patrons while aiming to surpass their expectations with his creations.




"This is not metal casting, but hand-pulled pottery! The artist Takatoshi ito possesses a unique craftsmanship that conveys the true essence of ceramic art!"

Ito captivates with his pieces, characterized by sleek contours, unique forms, and intricate hand-carved patterns. Though they may resemble metal castings at first glance, his works are meticulously handcrafted pottery, each one bearing a subtle yet distinctive sheen when complemented by metallic iron black and elegantly pure white accents. This mysterious yet distinctive aura embodies Ito's singular artistic stance.

Ito specializes in crafting uniquely shaped tea sets, tableware, and vases, prioritizing the contours of his creations above all else. He holds himself to exacting standards, particularly emphasizing the importance of impeccable contours, stating, "The contours must be so distinctive that one can recognize my work just by their shape. If the contours aren't beautiful, I'm reluctant to showcase them at my exhibitions." Evolving traditional crafting methods, Ito's unique vision and meticulous carving techniques shine through, with his artistic style evolving alongside his emotions and thoughts, presenting different periods' styles over time. In this process, ito engages in a spiritual dialogue with ceramics, shaping them into embodiments of his artistic journey.

Here're some of the snapshots during the exhibition. Hope you would also enjoy viewing these stunning art pieces through the screen :)

It's absolutely our true pleasure to be able to represent Japanese ceramic artist Taketoshi Ito and have curated his first ever show in Australia. We're totally impressed by the feedbacks and supports received from our guests who had made their ways to come to the exhibition! Everyone is looking forward to meeting the artist in person and would love to see more of his amazing art pieces.

And YES! Your voices have been heard! We've already scheduled the next solo exhibition with the artist in 2027. And, next time the artist Taketoshi Ito will be coming to Melbourne for the opening of his second show! We can't wait to welcome him and you all to join us again for his exclusive exhibition at Kurashi!! Please follow our journey and stay tuned to our future updates on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter :)