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Aya Ogawa - Christmas Tree Flower Bud Vase (Limited quantity)

Aya Ogawa

Tokyo-based potter Aya Ogawa is specialised in making ichirin-sashi, which is a traditional type of vases that Japanese use to decorate dainty dried flower.

Her creation has a focus on life story of connecting people, nature and ceramics. She combines various colours and textures, which she thinks the resemblance to team work. her creations imply the harmony of individual characteristics. She hopes that her pottery brings the audience a daily joy of living.

Chie Kobayashi - Rinka Large Bowl


Chie Kobayashi - Giza Giza Plates For Teawares

Chie Kobayashi

Chie Kobayashi is specialised in making pottery Chinese tea wares. She has been fascinating by white clay for 25 years. Through years of developments, all of her creations are based on the theme of nature, such as flowers, cloud, wind, etc. Matt white glaze is the signature feature of her works, which naturally reflects the expression of pureness and minimalism. Her imagination collaborates with her hand skills to creation a sense of elegance and delicacy.


  • Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1974

  • Completed an art degree in Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1996

  • Selected to exhibit in 5th International Pottery Fair in Austria in 2007 and 2008

  • Exhibited in 9th International Pottery Fair in Portugal in 2009

  • Awarded TALENT AWARD of the 6th NASSAUISCHEN SPARKASSE in Germany in 2010

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Coffee Wares

Yuta Craft - Dessert spoon


Aya Ogawa - Christmas Tree Flower Bud Vase (Limited quantity)

Flower Vases

Kie Zakka - Sugar Pots (LAST ONE)

Home decor

Kaname Takeguchi - Rinka Bowl Flower Blossom

Kaname Takeguchi

Between 1992 - 1994, Kaname Takeguchi completed his study of base firing, glaze and wheeling at Industrial Research Centre of Shiga Prefecture.

From 1994, he had been apprenticed to ceramic master Kennin Kishimoto for 4 years.

In 1998, he started working at Lakobo ceramic studio in Kyoto. 

In 2004, he has decided to build his own atelier and kiln and started his journey as an individual ceramic artist in Shiga Prefecture.


Katsufumi Baba

Katsufumi Baba

"Simplicity is the ultimate beauty" is the theory of Japanese ceramic artist Katsufumi Baba (馬場勝文) when talking about design of his works.

Minimalism and practicality are the design perspectives of Baba-san's works. He wishes that every user of his works will love the versatile designs and user-friendly features that he is particular about. His designs are inspired by the surrounding mother of nature in Kurume in Japan - this is where he is based in. He and his wife enjoy their quiet life with their 4 cats and a dog, who play an important role to assist him in his creations. He mentioned that this kind of lifestyle motivates and encourages him to keep creating every day.

Kazuhito Azuma - Turquoise Round Bowl

Kazuhito Azuma

The jewel-like turquoise blue colour is the iconic feature of Kazuhito Azuma's creations. He aims to make a modern twist of this antique style with his background of studying ceramic making in Kyoto. His works reflect a harmony of merging Kyoto traditional ceramic techniques with his idea of modern shapes with clean lines.
Kenichi Okuno - Handle Box #5 Deep

Kenichi Okuno

After reading the book about the history of shaker box published in the US, Kenichi Okuno was inspired by how beautiful handcrafted goods are. And so, he quitted his previous career in the business field and entered the art industry by self-learning.

With countless test and error, he managed to work out the perfect formula of making his shaker boxes. He said that his dream is to deliver his wooden boxes to households who love the beautiful mother of nature and sustainability of life goods.

Kie Zakka - Wooden Dolls (LAST ONE)

Kie Zakka

Kie Zakka was established by a Japanese couple the Oota's, who are based in Gifu, Japan.

Gifu is a famous city in Japan manufacturing quality timber furniture thanks to the natural supply of high quality timber in the area. By achieving the purpose of timber sustainability, Mr Oota makes use of the offcut timber pieces of furniture and transforms them into unique designs and shapes. Mrs Oota carefully selects non-toxic acrylic paints and natural oil, which are safe for serving food, to hand draw an adorable girl with different characteristics on each single piece of crafted timber. Therefore, every piece is unique due to the delicate one-of-a-kind work progress.

The Oota's said that they are so happy to be able to live in the beautiful city Gifu where is surrounding by the most beautiful nature. Their aim is to make everyone feel happy and loved in daily life by holding their works in hands. We're so happy to meet the Oota's who aim to create handcrafted works which can cheer people up every day.

Koji Aoki - Dessert Round Plate

Koji Aoki

Koji Aoki was from a business background and had worked as a businessman for more than 10 years in Tokyo before becoming a potter. He had achieved great success in his career during the 1990s. One day, he went to a ceramic exhibition of the renowned British ceramicist Lucie Rie in Tokyo. He was impressed by how amazing the techniques of handcrafted ceramics are and instantly fell in love with pottery. In a family trip to Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, he had his heart set to move to that quiet and tranquil little town for good.

With his family’s support, he learnt about pottery by himself and created his original glaze colours at his home studio. His talents brought him many opportunities to hold exhibitions in different cities in Japan.

Kukan Chuzo (Cast iron)

Kukan Chuzo (空間鋳造) Atelier is based in the birth place of Nanbu-Tekki (the famous cast ion Japanese teapots) in Iwate, Japan. The designer and maker of Kukan Chuzo, Hisao Iwashimizu, takes a modern twist to the design his creations. His idea is to design a traditional Japanese cast iron kyusu with exceptional level of attention-to- detail, to fit in modern living timelessly for everyone.    

Cast iron kyusu is mainly used to serve hot tea and cold drinks because of its excellent thermal retaining and insulation functions.

Makoto Saito - Conical Bowl

Makoto Saito

“It’s not just a piece of ceramic.

You may see a self-reflection when looking at it and using it.”


The young potter Makoto Saito was born in 1989 in Hokkaido. He was graduated from Kanazawa Art and Craft University in 2014. He is currently based in Seto City in Aichi Prefecture. His works are not purely crockeries on your kitchen shelves, but also play a role in our daily life. He believes that his works can deliver happiness to users and communicate with them without knowing who they are. He thinks this is the value of his works.

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Mugs & Cups

Naotsugu Yoshida - Monotone Mug

Naotsugu Yoshida

  • Born in 1976 in Shizuoka Prefecture
  • After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University, he studied under ceramic master Taizo Kuroda.
  • In 2003, he became an independent ceramic artist and built his atelier and kiln at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture.
  • His style mainly focuses on monotone colours. His original style for Hakuji with Tetsuyu iron glaze, which is a fusion of black and white vessels, is his iconic series of works.
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