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Aya Ogawa - Christmas Tree Flower Bud Vase (LAST ONE)

Aya Ogawa

Tokyo-based potter Aya Ogawa is specialised in making ichirin-sashi, which is a traditional type of vases that Japanese use to decorate dainty dried flower.

Her creation has a focus on life story of connecting people, nature and ceramics. She combines various colours and textures, which she thinks the resemblance to team work. her creations imply the harmony of individual characteristics. She hopes that her pottery brings the audience a daily joy of living.

Makoto Saito - Round Bowls


Chie Kobayashi - Giza Giza Plates For Teawares

Chie Kobayashi

Chie Kobayashi is specialised in making pottery Chinese tea wares. She has been fascinating by white clay for 25 years. Through years of developments, all of her creations are based on the theme of nature, such as flowers, cloud, wind, etc. Matt white glaze is the signature feature of her works, which naturally reflects the expression of pureness and minimalism. Her imagination collaborates with her hand skills to creation a sense of elegance and delicacy.


  • Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1974

  • Completed an art degree in Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1996

  • Selected to exhibit in 5th International Pottery Fair in Austria in 2007 and 2008

  • Exhibited in 9th International Pottery Fair in Portugal in 2009

  • Awarded TALENT AWARD of the 6th NASSAUISCHEN SPARKASSE in Germany in 2010

Satomi Ito - Square Milk Jug

Coffee Wares

Yuta Craft - Tongs



Aya Ogawa - Christmas Tree Flower Bud Vase (LAST ONE)

Flower Vases

Glück und Gute - Double-layered silk & wool socks

Glück und Gute

"Glück" means happiness and "Gute" means nice quality in German. Our concept is to use natural and organic materials to make gentle products that make everyone feel happy and to live a quality life. Our products have a soft touch feeling that brings you an ultimate comfort every day. We hope our products will deliver you a healthy life by protecting your feet and become the must-have items in your wardrobe.

by Chisato Hemuki

Hemskor - Wool felted slippers (loafers style) Grey


"Hemskor" is a Swedish term, where "hem" means home and "skor" refers to shoes. And so, "Hemskor" indicates indoor shoes or slippers. When you visit an onsen ryokan in Japan, offering a pair of quality indoor shoes for guests is a traditional "omotenashi" hospitality.

This Japanese artisanal indoor shoe brand is based in Yamanashi, Japan. The founder Hidenori Hemuki aims to hand make indoor shoes using quality and sustainable materials. With his original designs and techniques, he has achieved the mission of making the most user-friendly indoor shoes with ultimate comfort.

Kie Zakka - Sugar Pots

Home decor

Kaname Takeguchi - Soup Mug & Saucer

Kaname Takeguchi

Between 1992 - 1994, Kaname Takeguchi completed his study of base firing, glaze and wheeling at Industrial Research Centre of Shiga Prefecture.

From 1994, he had been apprenticed to ceramic master Kennin Kishimoto for 4 years.

In 1998, he started working at Lakobo ceramic studio in Kyoto. 

In 2004, he has decided to build his own atelier and kiln and started his journey as an individual ceramic artist in Shiga Prefecture.


Katsufumi Baba

Katsufumi Baba

"Simplicity is the ultimate beauty" is the theory of Japanese ceramic artist Katsufumi Baba (馬場勝文) when talking about design of his works.

Minimalism and practicality are the design perspectives of Baba-san's works. He wishes that every user of his works will love the versatile designs and user-friendly features that he is particular about. His designs are inspired by the surrounding mother of nature in Kurume in Japan - this is where he is based in. He and his wife enjoy their quiet life with their 4 cats and a dog, who play an important role to assist him in his creations. He mentioned that this kind of lifestyle motivates and encourages him to keep creating every day.

Kazuhito Azuma - Turquoise Round Bowl

Kazuhito Azuma

The jewel-like turquoise blue colour is the iconic feature of Kazuhito Azuma's creations. He aims to make a modern twist of this antique style with his background of studying ceramic making in Kyoto. His works reflect a harmony of merging Kyoto traditional ceramic techniques with his idea of modern shapes with clean lines.
Kazunori Koutsuka - Flower Coasters (LAST ONE)

Kazunori Koutsuka (woodworks)

Kazunori Koutsuka (高塚和則) is a popular Japanese timber furniture maker and woodwork artist in Japan. He is based in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. When he was a young kid, his dream was to do handcrafts. After he finished his high school, he had decided to make passionate dream come true. So he started his journey to be a woodwork artisan since then. 

He truly believes that "wood" actually exists like a god to the nature and everyone. Shaping and making use of every single piece of wood is his forever job and mission. He thinks that it's his gratitude towards wood if his works can bring joy and convenience to people's life.

Kenichi Okuno - Handle Box #5 Deep (LAST ONE)

Kenichi Okuno

After reading the book about the history of shaker box published in the US, Kenichi Okuno was inspired by how beautiful handcrafted goods are. And so, he quitted his previous career in the business field and entered the art industry by self-learning.

With countless test and error, he managed to work out the perfect formula of making his shaker boxes. He said that his dream is to deliver his wooden boxes to households who love the beautiful mother of nature and sustainability of life goods.

Kenichi Sasakawa - Curved Lip Shallow Sake Cup

Kenichi Sasakawa

Concept and introduction of hand blown glasswares by Kenichi Sasakawa:
- The characteristics of his works are the thin layers and blue grey colour with tiny bubbles. Each piece looks like an antique that reflects a traditional and classic style. Meanwhile, Kenichi Sasakawa merges the modern minimalist elements into his designs - making his works forever and timeless.
- As glass is transparent, there are many interesting things that can be observed by pouring/putting different things in and from the magical light reflections - from sunrise to sunset, a sunny weather to a rainy day and the change of seasons (e.g. from summer to winter). The different strengths of light and its colour is changing from time to time, good weather to bad weather, etc.
When using his glasswares every day, there are various experiences that we probably have never seen or encountered.
Kie Zakka - Mame Zarako Kuma

Kie Zakka

Kie Zakka was established by a Japanese couple the Oota's, who are based in Gifu, Japan.

Gifu is a famous city in Japan manufacturing quality timber furniture thanks to the natural supply of high quality timber in the area. By achieving the purpose of timber sustainability, Mr Oota makes use of the offcut timber pieces of furniture and transforms them into unique designs and shapes. Mrs Oota carefully selects non-toxic acrylic paints and natural oil, which are safe for serving food, to hand draw an adorable girl with different characteristics on each single piece of crafted timber. Therefore, every piece is unique due to the delicate one-of-a-kind work progress.

The Oota's said that they are so happy to be able to live in the beautiful city Gifu where is surrounding by the most beautiful nature. Their aim is to make everyone feel happy and loved in daily life by holding their works in hands. We're so happy to meet the Oota's who aim to create handcrafted works which can cheer people up every day.

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