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Christmas Exhibition 2023

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Christmas Exhibition 2023

Finally, in the last month of 2023, we have curated a group exhibition that showcased some exquisite handcrafted works by 5 different Japanese artists in our new exhibition space. On 15th and 16th December, we hosted 2 opening events to welcome our VIP guests to the fresh space and celebrated Christmas altogether! It was a good success that everyone enjoyed the show and had a wonderful time to view art pieces that they haven't seen before. Below are some snippets of the opening reception events.


Japanese artists who participated in the exhibition and their one-of-a-kind art pieces being exhibited in the show.

- Pate de verre glass objects by glasswork artist Mellow Glass

- Exotic wooden objects by woodwork artist Takehito Ichikawa

- Whimsical little lamps by dried plant artist Hisayuki Nishibeppu

- Acrylic paintings and soil artworks by Japanese painter Emi Suzuki

- Sekimori Stones by Japanese artisan WARA


Special thanks to our suppliers who have provided delicious Japanese sakes (Sessions at Arden), ice-creams (Kori) and sweets (the Flour Melbourne), which our guests did enjoy a lot!

Moreover, a BIG SHOUTOUT to our talented friends who have highlighted our exhibition and opening events! Thank you Azumi-san (by Azumi) for your amazing Ikebana arrangements in the exhibition spaces! Thank you Ana (Biteblock) for your beautiful calligraphy gift tags that made the gifts of our guests even more special and meaningful! Thank you Elaine (Vidda) for your lovely flower arrangement at the counter!

We look forward to many more exciting events and exclusive exhibitions happening in 2024! Thank you so much for joining us to form a small community in Melbourne that appreciates, respects and supports contemporary Japanese artists. Our passion and mission of delivering a philosophy of living with Japanese arts and crafts has grown even stronger because of the unwavering warm supports that we have received from everyone. Please follow our journey and we'll bring you to witness and experience more beautiful sceneries that haven't ever been seen in Australia :)