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Tetsuya Ozawa - Coffee Dripper & Server

Tetsuya Ozawa

Born in 1984 in Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture, where is birth land of many famous potters in Japan. Since his junior high school time, he had decided to become a ceramicist. After graduating from the degree of Japanese Fine Arts from Nagoya University in 2008, he studied pottery under Yoshikawa Masamichi.

The forms of his creations are influenced by tea culture, folk arts and modern crafts. What makes his works so special is that he uses a distinctive technique called "kofuki" (i.e. dusting) to apply a thin layer of white soil to the surface in order to create a unique texture. 

Yoko Maeda - Rinka Milk Pitcher

Yoko Maeda

Yoko Maeda is an independent potter based in Tokyo in Japan. Her love to mother of nature encourages her to create her works with a theme of nature. It's such an enjoyment to touch the 3D-sculpted shapes of flowers, birds, waves on the surface of her works. By holding her pieces in hands, it makes us feel a sense of satisfaction to our lives naturally. And, this is her philosophy of making ceramics.
Yoshiko Hirose - Yousara Plates

Yoshiko Hirose

After graduating from a Literature background, the opportunity of visiting art museums broadened the horizon of Hirose. Obtaining a part-time job at an art gallery gave her the chance to know about ceramics. Hirose’s ceramic journey was triggered by a ceramic exhibition of British ceramicist Lucie Rie in Tokyo. She was impressed by how amazing the process of making ceramic was after the exhibition. And after that, she decided to start off her career as a ceramicist.


Her creations are mainly inspired by Chinese potteries, British antique ceramics and Japanese folk crafts. Elegance and gentleness are the characteristics of her works. Special blends of glazes give an ambience of a little bit of sparks in daily life.