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Kenichi Okuno

Kenichi Okuno specialises in making shaker boxes*. He was substantially impressed after reading a book written by an American shaker box maker. He started to make shaker boxes in his own methods. Gradually, he developed his own style and requirements of a perfect shaker box - well-structured, lightweight and multi-functional.

The phrase of “beauty is utility” is a key inspiration for Kenichi Okuno to become a dedicated shaker box craftsman. Currently, he is making shaker boxes in his wooden cottage in a mountain located in Ishikawa Prefecture. His studio is called “Tiny Work Shop”.


*Shaker box: a bentwood box that is used for storing dry items such flour, sugar, coffee, tea, etc. during 18th century by the shakers. Nowadays, it is used as a decorative item.

Recent Projects

[Exhibition of Crafts from Ishikawa Prefecture held in Hankyu Umeda Department Store in Osaka, January 2019]


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